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June 13: Cologne, Germany

Pier Sign - Cologne

We started the day with a guided walking tour of the old area of Cologne. There was a lot of destruction during the war, and reconstruction of many ancient monuments was only completed in the 1990s.

The Cologne Cathedral is Germany’s most visited landmark,
drawing an average of 20,000 visitors a day,
so, as you can imagine, it was very crowded!

The narrow cobblestone streets, buildings dating back several hundred years, and
statues and create a unique atmosphere in the town.

It had been a rather damp morning, and somewhat tiring,

A Wet Tour

so I just relaxed after lunch, enjoying the quiet on board, until the  Captain’s Welcome Party and Dinner, with a delicious meal, and free-flowing wine.

The evening was rounded out with local entertainment aboard ship – a superb string-trio of young women playing classical, jazz, and cross-over music for us.

We departed Cologne at 11:00 pm, and while I enjoyed watching the shore drift by from the upper deck, it got cold, I got tired, and now I am bound for bed, in preparation of a cruise past the cliffs and castles of the Rhine, tomorrow morning.

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