A view from our cruise ship,  December, 2009

A view from our cruise ship, December, 2009

Welcome to my travel blog. We’ll travel across America together, and around the world. We’ll eat at some fine and some funky restaurants, stay at resorts, hotels, motels, and with friends. We’ll visit museums, art galleries and pubs. We’ll find the unusual was well as the standard tourist venues.

And we’ll wander back home from time to time, to regroup and plan the next trip.

I’m sure another travel blog is┬ájust what the internet needed, and so here I am to fill the blog-o-sphere with more thoughts about travel, but in a peculiarly Susan Smily sort of way.

For about 20 years, Honora Finkelstein (my writing partner and co-author for three cozy mysteries and a thriller) and I traveled the world together meeting people, going to or presenting workshops, gathering information and insights for our writing, or just plain sight-seeing.

Honora passed away this last May, 2014, but I intend to keep her spirit alive by writing and traveling – except that now I’ll be doing it by myself.

I expect I’ll interlace stories of my current and recent/upcoming travels with reminiscences of other places that we visited, which will include excerpts from her autobiography, as well as travel articles that she wrote for Pathways in Washington, D.C.

I’ll include some restaurant reviews, highlights of the tourist-y things I do, and answers to the questions that I have had to research. And pictures. I tend to take a lot, so be prepared!

For the moment I welcome you, and invite you on my future journeys!



  1. Marilyn S. Vatter

    Hi Susan–enjoyed traveling with you & the whole Navigator gang. We four plus two more are going on the Rhone France cruise in April. Don’t know if you know or not that when our group left the ship the last day that the crew were in tears & said that our whole on board bunch were one of the best, most fun that they’d had i n a long time. All the best to you–Marilyn(Twink)Vatter & the Iowa bunch.


  2. Ginny Peterson

    Susan, Bruce and I would love to read your impressions of our River Navigator tour this year. We are still editing our pictures. It goes more slowly when I am trying t merge shots from 3 cameras.

    Ginny and Bruce


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