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A Little Get-Away to Branson, MO.

On Sunday I’m away on a 5-day trip to Branson, MO.

Grayville to Branson

OK, it’s true, I just got back from Orlando last Friday – and I will add some blogs about that trip sometime in the next mumble-mumble days. I promise. But, hey, I just started this blog yesterday. Stop nagging! (Mumble, harumph.)

Although Honey and I visited Branson more than once, we never caught Yakov Smirnoff’s act. However, I recently saw a TV interview with him, and I realized he really is a very funny guy. So, I decided to take a trip over to Branson for a few days, see his show, and catch a few other acts. (As you will see if you follow my blog, I never do just one thing when I travel.) (Well, hardly ever.)


I’ll be staying at one of my timeshare properties (Wyndham Branson at The Meadows). Because it is off season, and because my ownership is Platinum, I got a 2 bedroom lock-out for the equivalent of $80 for 4 nights. (I play discount-upgrade games, and I’m very good at it!) And yes, I do have a 2-bedroom all to myself. I like having the extra space, and if someone decides they’d like to join me at the last minute, I can accommodate them! (I also like getting the maximum benefit for my points.)

One of the advantages of timeshares is having a full kitchen. You’ll notice below that 3 of my 4 nights involve dinner shows (good planning on my part, I think.) However, I can brew a pot of coffee, cook my breakfasts, and prepare lunches in my condo, and save the cost of eating out for every meal.

The plans:
Sunday: Drive to Branson (about 6 hours), check into my condo, and head out for the Almost Famous Murder Mystery Dinner Theater.

Monday: An day of relaxation, writing, blogging, followed by an evening performance of The Magnificent 7 Variety Show.

Tuesday: Another day of relaxation, writing, blogging, etc. (They have an indoor swimming pool!) This is the day I go to the Yakov Smirnoff dinner show.

Wednesday: More relaxation… (see above for full details.) Another dinner event – this time The Branson Showboat.

Thursday: I check out of my condo early, and go for a 90 minute ride on The Branson Scenic Railway, before driving back to Grayville, with a stop for dinner with a friend en route. Then a couple of weeks of the ongoing organization of my house, sorting paperwork, hanging art, possibly even washing the kitchen floor – before I head out again!

And now, dear readers, I’m going to go and make another cup of coffee with my new Keurig coffee maker. (It really is way too fast. You can’t get anything done in the 60 seconds it takes to brew a 12 oz. cup.) Then I’m going to do my German lessons. (And that’s a story for another blog, too!)

Hopefully, we’ll meet again tomorrow!

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