2015 – Grand European River Cruise: Rhine Valley to the Black Sea

Cruise Map40 days and 40 nights – a Grand European Holiday!

I will fill out the posts and add links below on this page as I go.

I will be on this trip from June 8th-July 11th. Once I arrive in Europe, I have 3 days in Amsterdam before the River Cruise, 26 days cruising from Bonn to Bucharest, along the Danube, Main, Rhine River Valleys. Following the cruise, I have 4 nights in Roumania, which will be the end of my Vantage excursion.

Instead of coming right home, though, I am going to spend a week in Munich.

June 8th: Getting to Amsterdam – Part 1
June 8th-9th: Getting to Amsterdam – Part 2
June 9th: Our First Day in Amsterdam
June 10th: A Busy Day in Amsterdam

June 11th:  Zaanse Schans
June 11th: Edam
June 12th: Transfer via Dusseldorf to Bonn
June 13th: Cologne, Germany
June 14th: Castles and Vineyards on the Rhine Valley
June 15: Heidelberg, Germany
June 16th: Marktheidenfeld, Germany
June 17th: Würzburg, Germany
June 18: Bamberg, Germany, and the Main-Danube Canal
June 19th: Nuremberg, Germany
June 19th: An Unexpected Delay – and a Party
June 19th: Traversing an 81 Foot Lock
June 20th: Weltenburg Monastery Tour, Beer Tasting and Danube River Gorge Cruise
June 20: Regensburg Festival
June 21: Passau, Germany
June 22: Wachau Valley Scenic Cruising
Day 16: Vienna, Austria
Day 17: Vienna, Austria
June 25: Budapest, Hungary
June 26th: Hollókó, Hungary
June 27: Budapest, Hungary
Day 21: Mohacs / Kolacsa, Hungary
Day 22: Mohacs (Pécs), Hungary
Day 23: Vukovar (Osijek), Croatia
Day 24: Belgrade, Republic of Serbia
Day 25: Scenic Cruising the Iron Gates of the Danube
Day 26: Ruse, Bulgaria
Day 27: Ruse (Veliko Turnovo & Arbanassi)
Day 28: Constanta, Romania
Day 29: Constanta / Transfer to Bucharest
Day 30: Bucharest, Romania / Brasov
Day 31: Brasov
Day 32: Brasov
Day 33: Brasov / Bucharest
Day 34: Bucharest to Munich


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