Been There, Done That

This picture is from my TripAdvisor Travel Page. It tells me I’ve been to 369 cities in 27 countries, and seen 21% of the world. Of course, that would imply that I explored every inch of every one of those cities, and I have to admit that all I’ve seen of some of them is a motel and a restaurant. But I have spent at least one night and eaten at least one meal in every place I’ve pegged. For some, it’s been a lot more.

My TripAdvisor Travel Record

 There are places I’ve lived in, places I’ve worked, places I’ve been to for extended holidays, and places I’ve visited on bus and train tours, river trips, and ocean cruises. My first overseas trip was when I was 3; my next will be later this summer. I’ve travelled alone, in groups, and with just one or two other people.

As I go along developing this blog, it is my plan to go into some detail about various of these trips, often, but not always, negating one or the other of the the Solo and the Senior part of my overall Blogosphere concept.

I don’t expect I’ll keep to a strict chronological order, but I will tell all about one particular trip before I go on to the next one.

And I hope my memory and my old photo albums provide me with enough content to interest, or at least amuse, my audience.

My First Solo Trip: England, 1960

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