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June 15: Heidelberg, Germany

We only stayed docked in Frankfurt long enough to board busses for an hour’s drive south to Heidelberg.

We started the day in Heidelberg with a tour of the Heidelberg Castle, an important Renaissance ruin, which overlooks the old town from it’s perch on the hillside.

Within the castle, there was a very large wine barrel, said to be able to hold 45,000 gallons of wine. In order to dissipate the fumes, there were carved lion’s heads in the walls above the cellars, with movable jaws, that could open and release the fumes.

We rode the funicular down from the castle, for a walking tour of the old town.

Our tour included narrow streets, a closer view of the large Church of the Holy Ghost, the famous Heidelberg University, and the Student Prison, where misbehaving students might be locked up for a day or two, or as much as three months..

We had lunch in a traditional German restaurant, and then caught our bus back to the ship, which had moved several miles up the Main River to Aschaffenburg,

where we saw this rather strange reversible sculpture on the pier.

After dinner, Mike, one of the guests, entertained us with a couple of hours of piano music, much of which we could sing along to.

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