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Touring Waikiki, and a Luau with my new Japanese Family

There’s a lot to see in Waikiki, from the ever-present surfers on the marvelous beaches, to amazing plant life, stores and restaurants galore, and art work everywhere.

You can get just about any kind of food in Waikiki, but to really sample Hawaiian food, you have to go to a Luau, with a picnic on the beach, song and dance, and roast pig – cooked underground for 8-10 hours.

My Japanese pen pal, and friend, Senzo Araki, took me along with his family as a celebration of his daughter’s wedding – and our finally meeting each other after 53 years.

We went to the Paradise Cove Luau – not early enough for the Pre-Luau activities, but in time for the dinner and show. (Click on the link for some great photos.)


  1. Hi,
    Your trip looks fabulous could you give another female solo traveller an estimate of what you think it cost to do a good Waikiki Hawaii vacation. I have been thinking about booking this trip but not sure of the cost over all of food transportation did you rent a car or using loca?
    any help you can give a fellow traveler would really be appreciative thank you. Shelia


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