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Getting to Hawaii/Everyone Has a Story

It's a long trip

The Trip

It’s a long way to Honolulu, it’s a long way from home…

I split my trip over 2 days, in order to preserve my sanity, first flying from Evansville to LA via Detroit. Time zones can really twist your brain around. I started my trip in Evansville – Central Daylight Time. I took a 1 hour flight to Detroit , which is on Eastern Daylight Time, then immediately flew for 5 hours to get to LA, which is on Pacific Daylight Time. I set a wake-up call for 6:30, and my clever little brain woke be at 6:30 on the dot – Mountain Daylight Time. Today I did the LA to Honolulu leg – another 5 1/2 hours in the air, (better than the alternative!) So now I’m on HAST (Hawaiian-Aleutian Standard Time.) So – what is +1-3-3, + 11 hours flight time? Answer: one tired little puppy! But helpful flight attendants and a premium seat with extra leg room does make the trip a bit less stressful!

Flight Attendants

Two Interesting Seat Mates My seat-mate from Detroit to LA, Ryan, lives in Michigan, but spends a lot of time in LA, where he is a construction manager working on the upgrading of LAX, which is very extensive. I didn’t think to tape the conversation with Ryan – but that’s something I realized I could do a lot more as I travelled, and I started with Hayley, on the LA to Honolulu flight.

Hayley Hayley has a very interesting job in the entertainment industry – but I’ll let her say it in her own words.

(Give the file a few seconds to load!)


And Hayley also explained to me why taped talk shows usually don’t air for a couple of weeks after they’re taped.


Thanks, Hayley, for sharing with me, and my (hopefully) growing public!

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