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5 Day Cruise to Cozumel and the Yucatan (Progreso), Mexico

5/6/2002 on the Carnival Celebration:
5 Days to Cozumel. and the Yucatan, Mexico

This was first cruise for Honey, Jay, and me, and we got the bug!

Many people complain about the size of Carnival ships, but we have cruised several times with Carnival, and enjoyed all of them. (Except one, on one of the smaller ships in their fleet. And we still enjoyed the shore excursion for that one.)

What we like:
The main thing: Being at sea, relaxing, and being pampered.
There are plenty of places to just sit and read a book, or have a drink and enjoy some music.
And there is a lot of music – from classical, to piano music, to jazz, to dance music, to contemporary.
There is a lot of art displayed around each of the ships, and the various rooms all have different themes and ornamentation.
The food is good, plentiful and varied.
The crew are all friendly and helpful.
There are many different types of activities available on sea days, which are generally lots of fun, and a chance to meet other people.
There is some kind of show every evening, and while they aren’t Broadway caliber, they are usually quite entertaining.
There are a wide variety of shore excursions available.
And Carnival cruises are generally very reasonably priced.

We participated in several of the onboard activities – and even won the much celebrated “Ship-on-a-Stick,” for one of the Trivia Games, and a medal for a “Horse Race” game.

Ship-on-a-Stick Carnival Medals

We also bought the first of what was to be many pieces of art at the onboard art auction.


And while we were in Cozumel, we bought our first points in the Fairfield (now Wyndham) timeshare, and started on our way to Platinum ownership, and a lot of time traveling to different resorts around the country and the world.

Cozumel (link and post coming soon!)
The Yucatan (link and post coming soon!)

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