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Pirates Voyage

On the advice of the wonderful staff at the Wyndham Ocean Boulevard resort,

I treated myself to the Pirates Voyage Dinner and Show.

And it was a treat.

The pre-show featured top-notch jugglers, a wonderful balancing act,
a sing-along, and a live sea lion act,

and a chance to have a pre-show libation.

Pirates Voyage Preshow - Ready for the Party

The Dinner Show itself is a large amphitheater, with those seated on either side of the room
being a member of the Crimson Team or the Indigo Team. (I was an Indigo!)

As we were served a very good dinner consisting of:
Voyager Creamy Vegetable Soup
Buccaneer Bread
Half O’ Roasted Cackler (chicken)
Captain’s BBQ Pork
Cob-O’ Buttery Corn
Apple O’ Me Eye Pie (Puff Pastry)

we were also treated to an excellent show.

Since the room was really too large to capture everything, I decided to enjoy my meal and the show, rather than spending the time snapping pictures.
Everything was duplicated on either side of the room, in opposite corners.
And I was lucky enough to be seated quite close to one of the corners
where a lot of the action took place.

Including the necessary sword fights,
there were tumbling acts, aerialists, a lot of high-diving,
an appearance by Davy Jones and some of his skeletal compatriots,
more sea lion hi-jinks, an aquatic dog-race,
and a live bird act.

Live Bird Act

 There was also an amusing series of competitions between the “pirates” on the two sides,
which also involved the participation of some of the audience.

They dub themselves “The Most Fun Place To Eat,”
and I concur!

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