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A New Adventure

One of the reasons that I can travel as much as I do is because I own a lot of timeshare points.

A lot.

And if I book within 60 days of my stay, I can get a 50% discount and a unit level upgrade.

This current trip revolves around three workshops that I am going to be attending at the Monroe Institute in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia next month, but given the weather at this time of year in the mid-west, I decided to add a visit to the South Carolina coast before I went to Virginia.

So, here I am, on my way to Myrtle Beach, and instead of spending the night in a motel, I am staying in a two bedroom deluxe suite in Nashville that I got for the equivalent of $20 worth of my timeshare maintainance fees. It’s cold outside, but I’m enjoying a nice take-out Chinese dinner (which I picked up at Crazy Buffet, one of my favorite Evansville restaurants, on my way out of town!) and watching three of my favorite TV shows with a nice glass of red wine.

And tomorrow morning I can have a free meal if I attend a member’s breakfast and listen to a spiel about the company.

Entryway Kitchen    Living Room
Master Bedroom Master Bathroom Second Bedroom

In addition to the image at the top, the resort has several amusing “musical” trees along the entrance road.

IMG_1942 IMG_1941 IMG_1940

Gaylord Opryland hotel on the right - from the resort balcony.

I like the Nashville resort, because it’s quite close to the Opryland hotel, (on the right in the picture – from the resort balcony) It has an absolutely amazing indoor gardens, (which is especially well decorated at Christmas). I’m not going to get a chance to visit them this trip, but I will when I’m back in October for the Killer Nashville mystery writer’s convention.

Now, my Myrtle Beach week starts on Friday night, and I had planned to take three slow and easy days driving there from Nashville, stopping at a couple of motels on the way, and doing a bit of sight-seeing.

But with the temperature dropping so drastically, sight-seeing didn’t seem to be such a good idea for this part of the trip. So I decided to get to Myrtle Beach a day early. I checked online and found that if I booked a 1 bedroom deluxe (at a 50% discount!) I could get an upgrade to a two bedroom presidential suite for the night on Thursday.  Since it will also only cost me the equivalent of $20 in maintenance fees, I thought, “Why not?” (I’ll let you know what it looks like when I get there!)

Just doing it because I can!

And I took this picture of an icicle hanging from a traffic light just before I got to the resort. I guess the wind blew the light back away from the ice, and left it hanging there!


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