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The Toilet Seat Museum – San Antonio, Texas (New)

In 2012 Honey and I put together a little booklet called 10 Interesting Places to Visit in the USA, about several unusual places we had visited around the country. I’ll post them here over time, so any readers can give a thought to visiting somewhere a little bit out of the ordinary.

In August of 2012 Honey, Jay, and I visited one of the most unusual – and intriguing museums I’ve ever been to: The Toilet Seat Museum in San Antonio, Texas.

Honey wrote this for our booklet:

“Barney Smith, a retired plumber who is nearly 90, has created this museum in his huge garage, where he displays nearly a thousand of his unique artwork creations on practically every subject and using almost every medium, except that all these works are on toilet seat covers. And Barney—who has been featured on day-time television talk shows, from Today to The View, can tell you stories about every one of his works of art, so plan to spend a couple of hours in his company.

Be sure to call first, so Barney can open the museum for your pleasure and put out signs to secure a street parking place for you.”

I visited again in December, 2014, and Barney is still going strong. He now has over 1000 decorated seats  on display, and looks to be good for another 1000!

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