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Street Musicians

One of the joys of New Orleans is listening to street musicians. On Canal street, in  Jackson Square, on Royal Street, on Bourbon Street, and on all the side roads, you can hear music at all hours of the day, and well into the night. Randy and Mariah wanted to say they had played New Orleans, so we went over to Jackson Square with their guitars, and entertained the passers-by for a time. One thing they realized they might need if they did this again was some sort of amplification system – it is very hard to be heard over the clamor of traffic, other entertainers, and the crowds of people out to enjoy a Saturday in the Quarter.

3 Randy & Mariah   2 Randy & Mariah

One of the distractions was a Hari-Krishna parade, which pulled up in front of the entrance to the Square and did their thing for 20 minutes or so.

5 Hari Krishna Parade 1 Jackson Square

After a while, we wandered up to Royal Street, to look at some of the Art Galleries, but we also saw other musicians playing a variety of instruments. All part of the flavor of the city.

4 Jazz on the Square 6 Royal Street  8 Street Musicians  ICM107B

One awesome duo – Tanya and Dorise – entertained on an electric guitar and violin. We were delighted to find them, and listened to several songs – before I bought a CD!

9 An Amazing Duo

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