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A Cajun Brunch

I was introduced to this wonderful hole-in-the-wall restaurant, Marjorie’s Commerce Restaurant, by my Wyndham contact. It is a delightful little place, only a block from the resort, and very busy at breakfast, so when we went back, we decided to go for brunch.


Their special is Cajun Eggs Benedict, which isn’t really Eggs Benedict,
in that it is on a biscuit, not a muffin, has fried rather than poached eggs,
and a cheese sauce, not a hollandaise.

But the cheese sauce is wonderful. It has peppers and bits of sausage,
and just the right amount of spicy bite.

CBB Menu 2

CBB Cajun Eggs Benedict

(Randy getting ready to dig in!)

Randy and a CBB breakfast

The staff are delightful, and remembered us from one visit to the next.
(I ate there a total of 3 times.)

The counter/floor gals, Cassandra, Casey & Jean (nick-named Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry,)
obviously have a wonderful time with each other and with the customers.

CBB gals

And upon leaving, we noticed this plaque on the ground outside the front door.

Sign outside Commerce Restaurant

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