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Bourbon Street

Bourbon St. is a New Orleans phenomena, and it’s only a fifteen minute walk from our home base, La Belle Maison, so we decided to wander over there our first night in town.

It offers a bit of everything, from some of the highest-rated restaurants in the country to strip clubs. Bars up and down the street generally have live music, ranging from a solo guitarist singing soulful songs of love, to zydeco bands, and full-on jazz ensembles. Along the street you find music everywhere, as people try to earn a few bucks – an excellent saxophonist playing Christmas Carols, kids tapping (with tin-can lids stuck to the soles of their running shoes), or drumming on plastic buckets, guitarists who maybe can and maybe can’t hold a tune, a tuba offering a fat, lazy beat.

At night it is a pedestrian mall, and tourists flock to this never-ending party. In New Orleans you can walk on the streets with an alcoholic drink, as long as it is in a plastic container, and there are an amazing number of styles of containers, and varieties of drinks to go into them.

It’s only a 20 minute walk from our home base, La Belle Maison.

We had dinner on the balcony of this restaurant on our first visit to Bourbon Street.

Johnny White's Pub & Grill 1

Unfortunately, the appetizer of red beans and rice, etouffe, and creole was gone
before I could photograph it.

Cajan SamplerMy main dish was jambalaya, and I did remember to snap a picture of that!



We went from our dinner to a drag show – one of the must-dos in New Orleans, but it was a bit disappointing. Not only did we have a cover charge, but the performers hustled for $1 tips with each song. I’ve definitely seen better!

Drag Show

Our next stop was much more entertaining – and free. The jazz garden features performers from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, and this group was excellent. We sat and enjoyed a 30 minute set, and took ourselves home – it had been quite a long day!

At the Jazz Garden

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