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A Culinary Surprise

By chance, on our drive south today, we wound up at a Greek restaurant for dinner. I say by chance because we were driving out of Nashville in rush-hour, and decided to take a break for dinner while the traffic cleared.

I was trying to find a Chinese Buffet, and Siri took us two miles down the highway and two miles back on a parallel road to a little hole-in-the-wall Chinese place, that wasn’t exactly what we were hoping for. Looking at other places on the Google map, I noticed Athens Family Restaurant right around the corner. We called it up on the web and looked at the menu, and decided to give it a try.  (I do love the technology my smart phone offers me.)

It is a little 59-seater that, from the looks of the building, used to be a Captain D’s. And the first thing I noticed on entering and looking at their white board, was that they had lamb shank for $9.95. Randy and I both decided to try that, and Mariah opted for a vegetarian pita with Greek salad. Now, its too late for me to call them and find out what was in the topping they put on the meat, but it was delicious. The lamb was tender, and the rice very fluffy. No real ambience to the place, but the staff was friendly and helpful.

All in all, a nice surprise for a meal on the road.


  1. I’m guessing if it was a white sauce it would be Tzatziki sauce and you can google the recipe online.

    I love lamb and thankfully Brooklyn if full of both Greek Diners and Greek restaurants. I hope the rest of your trip home was uneventful.


    • Thanks, Nora.

      You inspired me to call the restaurant, and I was able to chat with someone – who laughed a little bit, and said he wasn’t exactly sure what was on top their daily lamb special, 10 days ago!

      However, it was more of a topping than a sauce. It was tomato-based, not a white sauce, and it had thinly sliced vegetables in it.

      Very tasty.


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