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Finishing Up My Branson Adventure

Well, I caught my train – at the last minute.


I realized when I finished checking out of my condo on Thursday morning that I only had 40 minutes to get to the Scenic Train Ride I had booked, and Google Maps informed me that it was about 25 minutes away.

As I followed the directions on my iPhone, (to which I have become addicted,) I began to get really worried that I was in totally the wrong place, since I was driving into the Old Town Branson shopping area, with supposedly just 1/4 mile to go.

But I saw the train depot at last – just as I was passing the street that led to the parking. So – a quick run down the next street, zip around the corner, pull a fast U-turn, race back, scoot into a parking slot, get my ticket, tear down the alley, rush into the depot, redeem my voucher, dash onto the platform – and wait 10 minutes for boarding.

When I did get on, however, I was able to get a very good seat in one of the observation cars, and enjoyed a relaxing and informative tour, as a guide pointed out various historical and geographical points along the way, assisted by our conductor.Train 1  Train 4Train - River

I also enjoyed a very pleasant conversation with a fellow traveller – he’s the one sharing the photo with the conductor. (His little 4-year old son had his own conductor’s hat, and was having a ball.)

Train 3

And I even got a chance to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

 Train - Light at the end of the tunnelAfter that, it was on the road again. First I took the opportunity provided by a beautiful day, and had a car wash. My van loved it.

And I still had one more stop on the way before my return to Grayville. My chiropractor is moving with her husband, whose is in the army, from Ft. Leonard Wood up to upper New York, so she won’t be able to be my chiropractor any more! But she invited me to stop in for dinner on my way home, which I did! Then a motel for the night, and a 4 hour drive on Friday got me back to town in time to do some shopping, and sort through the mail.

Now I have just over two weeks before my next trip, so I will probably blog about the trip I took last month – to Orlando.

And I will try to find the light at the end of the tunnel in the ongoing organization of the stuff in my house!

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