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Dinner and 2 Shows

I have spent much of the morning writing reviews for Yelp and TripAdvisor – one of the tasks it seems I have to undertake if I’m going to be a travel writer!

And my goodness, my iPhone weather app tells me that the temperature here has soared to 37, higher than was expected for the day. (I bet the ice has melted off the front of my van!) Maybe I’ll go for a walk before my next outing.

I mentioned in my last post that my timeshare gave me a dinner voucher for $30 in return for a 15 minute meeting, with a choice of 3 restaurants. I chose Florentina’s Ristorante Italiano. It turned out to be excellent choice.

To start, I got one of the largest servings of wine I’ve ever had at a restaurant, for only $5. Too bad I was driving, and too bad I had to hurry off to a show! (However, I do have all that wine I bought at Stone Hill, just in case of emergency.)

On the advice of my waiter, the very energetic and very friendly Jay, I chose the Osso Buco, (he absolutely raved about it!) made with pork shank, risotto cooked with chicken stock and Alfredo cream sauce, and a special tomato-bacon jam. (I called the restaurant to check on the ingredients, and they put one of the cooks on the line. Very helpful people.) It was not only beautifully presented, (see below) it was delicious, and there was three very meaty shanks on about four cups of risotto, enough food for a party! I also had an appetizer of calamari, and a side of green beans, both of which were prepared to perfection.

Florentina 2

Florentina Jay

I got all of that for the value of the coupon, and not only had an excellent meal, but also needed two large and two small boxes for the take-home. As a matter of fact, I’ve just had one of the shanks for lunch.Yum!

The Magnificent 7 Variety Show

Magnificent 7

I booked this show because the advertising offered over 75 songs from seven decades, but it didn’t say there would be dozens of costume changes as well, as the singers presented classics from both individual singers of the past, but groups as well. The program also included a Christmas section, that was more than the standard carols. I was particularly impressed with a humorous a capella number that played on “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” with multiple songs interwoven in an intricate work with wonderful harmony.

I was pleasantly impressed with the vocal quality and range of the group. They include the 9-year old daughter of the star/producers in several numbers, and she obviously has talent. While it is hard for a child to pull off a role as an adult singer, she was perfect as the child in the Christmas toy section.

The show lasted for two hours, not including the intermission, a pretty good bang for your buck!

Trail of Lights

As I was leaving, I saw a Christmas display at one of the resorts, and remembered the “Trail of Lights” presentation at Shepherd of the Hills, only a ten minute drive from where I was. It is advertised as “an amazing drive thru animation display along a two mile trail that provides a holiday theme from start to end, carrying you through the 160 acre Shepherd of the Hills homestead and into the very heart of Christmas.”

It really is quite something. You drive up and down over a rather bumpy road through the property, (with only your parking lights on!) following a well-lit trail that has a large variety of themes. (It is best described on the website I’ve linked to above.)

Unfortunately, I was too late to be able to go to the top of Inspiration Tower, but I did get a cup of cider at the end – part of the ticket price.


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