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Waxing Philosophical


Solo. Senior. Travel.

I am a Senior, and I will be traveling. A lot. So that part of the title is appropriate. (A Senior What, I’m not sure. I once met a Russian whose business card labeled him as a Senior Expert. When I asked him what he was a Senior Expert for, he answered, “The Volga.”)

I suppose “Solo Travel” is a contradictory phrase, however, a bit like “Military Intelligence.” (Check out Ethan’s Oxymorons Page for a LOT of examples!) Ultimately, on any trip, you have to spend some time with somebody. Unless, of course you just drive around the country, filling your gas tank using your credit card, sleeping in your car, visiting the restrooms in McD’s, and eating bagged lunches from your travel cooler.

I didn’t want to go with “Single Senior Travel,” however, because it might imply that I was planning to go on singles cruises or tours in order to meet eligible senior bachelors. (Shudder.)

My next trip, after Branson, involves taking some friends with me to New Orleans and San Antonio. So, that really isn’t Solo, but the thing is, I am the one making all the plans, and I’ve invited them to join me on my terms. When I travelled with Honey, or Honey and Jay, I made the plans in conjunction with their input. (Admittedly, I often presented them with a Grand Plan, and they’d nod confusedly and say, “OK.”)

And next summer I’m going on a river cruise in Europe (more on that in upcoming blogs!) with a tour company, but I won’t have to answer to anyone for any of my choices. (Except, of course, the tour guides on the shore excursions. Our guides in Russia got very nervous when we lagged behind.) However, I do expect to converse with the other travelers. And if you know me at all, you’ll realize that I like to converse. A lot. I might even make friends with some of them, and arrange to eat with them on the boat regularly, or sit together on the tour bus.

I also expect that I’ll be spending time with people who aren’t Seniors on my travels. I guess I should call them Juniors. (I considered calling the Blog, “SoloWithSomeContactWithOtherSeniorAnd/OrJuniorFriendsOrAcquaintancesTravel”, but that name was taken.)

But, at the end of the day, it will still be me on my personal adventures. Unless, of course, you decide to join me, via this blog.

Then the real title of my Blog will be, “SoloWithAWorldOfFriendsOnTheBlogosphereTravel.”

And that would be the best of all worlds.

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