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The Nitty-Gritty of Getting Ready for a Trip.


So. What are the most important things for me to pack for this trip?

The first step is to make a LIST. THE LIST is vital – remember we were talking about senior travel and what isn’t on the list doesn’t get packed!

There is a Walmart in Branson, so if I forget anything really dramatic I can probably go and buy it, however it would be a good idea for me to take the essentials with me.

The first thing I need to make sure I take is my special pillow, otherwise I will be phenomenally uncomfortable for the entire trip. I also need, of course, to pack underwear, socks, shoes, some shirts and some slacks, my swimsuit (remember the indoor swimming pool?) and maybe a few earrings. I think given the weather forecast, (snow on Sunday, high of 30 on Monday,) I better take a warm jacket as well as a light jacket. And so on. (I see it will be warming up the day I leave. In the 50s by next weekend.)

Please let me know if you thing I’ve left anything out. Oh, yeah. Toiletries.

I will also be taking some food, and a few cooking supplies with me. However, as I mentioned, I have dinner taken care of for four of the five nights I’ll be gone, so I have a lot less to plan for than I usually do on one of these excursions. I have been known to pack a large cooler with everything from my fridge, and two or three large storage bins with olive oil, vinegar, sauces, tinned and dry goods, spices, coffee, tea – essentially everything I thought I couldn’t possibly live without for a week or two while cooking in a strange kitchen. The timeshares have gotten a lot better in providing needed supplies in the last few years, however, so I can leave behind the Cuisinart and the kitchen sink.

Since I have to meet someone on the other side of St. Louis at 11:30 Sunday morning, I need to be out of the house no later than 8:00 am. That means that I pretty much have to be packed by Saturday night.

On Saturday I have to run a couple of errands in Evansville, (about 40 miles away,) so I added a lunch with a friend, and, what the heck, while I’m in town I’m going to go and see Big Hero 6 in Super 3D. Otherwise, I’ve cleared Saturday to get packed for the trip. I’ll be home in time to get everything organized, if I have THE LIST.

So, as soon as I finish this blog, I’ll get started on that LIST.

Oh, yes. I said this was a little Get-Away. What am I getting away from? Just a little bit of paperwork that needs to be organized in my office.

Office(Colorful Illustration of Procrastination)

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